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Link Building – The more links you have to your site, the more online currency you have. They are what tell the search engine how many people find you worthy of attention. Google places quite a bit of emphasis on links to your site. As long as you can get links to your site, you’re going to do well. Genuinely appreciative sources that send links to is the best thing you can do. Buying them is second best. You can get links from a variety of sources, but when you get them from people that like your content, these are the best. If your intention is to get people to link back to you, then what you are doing is creating a link building campaign in order to generate more links to your site.

How to Create Link Building Campaign   Memphis Link Building

If you really want to get noticed online, sometimes a little push is necessary. The best way to do this is to update your social media profiles with links to what you have published. Your reputation can be harmed if you spam your links so do not do this to your feeds. You might want to use Twitter or Facebook to get some traffic – just add a link to each account. Letting specific people know about these links would be the next step. Do this after you have posted your links on the social media networks. Over time, and at its own speed, your links, and your information, will be gradually discovered. Instead of wanting to hear more information, they may actually not want to hear from you again.

Put together a top ten list that correlates with your line of work. This idea is a really good one, especially if you are able to find 10 well-liked websites to link up to.

This will grab the attention of the people to whom you are linking and the people who normally read you. If the websites are markedly accommodating to your readers, they will in turn link to the post and talk about how cooperative they are. The people to whom you have linked will be likely to link to your post and talk about their inclusion in it. Above all else, people are fond of top ten lists. Clearly, doing these every day is a bad idea, although if you do them every so often – it can be excellent link bait.

You could actually have link building show up via your e-mail. Let’s say that you have written something that you really are proud of. You might want to send this out to people on your e-mail list. The best way to go about this is to send your content with a simple message saying Read this! or Check out what I wrote! in the email. They may even link to this if they have a site of their own, especially if they like what you have written. It is a common fallacy that link bait must be out in the open. You really need to get people to notice you, and sometimes the best way to do this is to take the personal approach.

You don’t have to complicate link building. The principles are exactly the same as creating great content for your site or blog. The goal with your link bait, however, is that you want people to want to link to your content as an example of what to think or how to act. The links you receive will help you climb up the ranks of the search engines. It offers a wide range of link building advantages for everyone involved.

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